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Here at we specialise in the compilation of a wide range of amethyst rings to make your shopping experience that much simpler. The traditional birthstone February is amethyst. The stones can be found in two colour types, being purple and greened. The latter is less well known and actually does not have the same structure as the purple amethyst. The more common purple is a violet form of quartz whereas the greened amethyst is known as Praisolite. The hardness of the mineral is the same as quartz, and therefore it is suitable for use in jewelry.


The color of amethyst is mostly displayed parallel lines, of varying intensity, to the final faces of the crystal. Notable skill is required in order to accurately cut the gemstone to make the colour equal throughout and to avoid these lines appearing in the finished piece of jewellery. The amethyst rings found on this site are cut so that the stone is displayed at its best. They are often set with diamonds to intensify the rich colour. Different coloured silver or gold bands are used to vary the overall aesthetic of the ring.

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